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How can you gain more confidence for public speaking?

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Anytime you're speaking to somebody else besides yourself, you are publicly speaking.

There are at least two factors that come into play when one talks about public speaking. First off of course, just having the self-confidence to do so. Another factor we probably don't even think about is we need to have something to say.

There is an old adage that goes ‘better to stay quiet and let them think your stupid than opening your mouth and proving the point.’

One solution is to be knowledgeable on popular topics. This could include current events. It could include being aware of events occurring in your geographical region or perhaps even throughout your country.

While having something to say is important, it's equally important to have the skills to communicate effectively and get your message across, so others understand you.

When we're talking about gaining self-confidence to speak publicly effectively, we are making an assumption that we currently don't possess those skills. So, the simple solution would be to develop those skills.

So how do we do so?

As others have suggested I would also recommend you checkout your community to see if there's a local Toastmasters club. You need to be over the age of 18 to join.

As a member of 25 years so far, I can attest to the value of Toastmasters training and increasing your public speaking effectiveness.

It isn’t just a matter of showing up though, it is a matter of actively participating in the program. The Toastmasters Pathways program provides different routes to developer your communication skills. These different pathways or routes are closely related to your career or profession in life.

The Toastmasters program starting off at the club level, will provide you with lots of opportunities to build your self-confidence in public speaking. A typical meeting could include introducing yourself, giving an inspirational thought, responding to an impromptu question, taking on a leadership role such as a chairperson, or even delivering a prepared speech.

Developing self-confidence in public speaking is a matter of doing it over and over again. Some call this stage time. Receiving constructive feedback from your fellow Toastmaster club members can help increase your public speaking skills.

Like any other skill in life you become better at it by practicing. While attending a Toastmasters meeting can be a good opportunity to practice your skills, it can also be possible to become a better public speaker by taking advantage of speaking opportunities that surround you.

This can include talking to family members at family get togethers, talking to friends and family at social get togethers or even talking to your coworkers at your lunch or coffee breaks.

You become more confident to speak in public by speaking publicly. Not overly profound, but true.

Good luck in developing your self-confidence in public speaking. Find your voice and share your message with the world.


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