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How can I learn to enjoy public speaking?

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I’m going to play Devil’s advocate somewhat by starting with I don’t believe you can learn to enjoy anything in life. You either enjoy something or you don’t.

I don’t care for fiery hot sauces. I can’t imagine learning to enjoy them.

Maybe the question you are really asking is ‘how can I enjoy public speaking’ or ‘how can I be a public speaker without being afraid or nervous?’

Having been a Toastmaster going on 25 years I do a lot of public speaking. I enjoy public speaking most of the time because I’m speaking about something I am knowledgeable or passionate about. And I’ve learned I love an audience.

Sometimes I have to speak on a matter that is controversial or contentious. I don’t enjoy those situations.

Darren Lacroix was a Toastmasters World Champion of Speaking in 2001. He says the secret to becoming a better public speaker is ‘stage time… stage time… stage time.’

Practice makes perfect. To enjoy public speaking, you need to be skilled at speaking in various situations. In time, you will develop your self-confidence and begin to seek out speaking opportunities that will challenge you. Also, in time, people will be seeking you out to offer you speaking opportunities.

Go for it! Enjoy yourself.

As others have recommended, check out a local Toastmasters club. You will have ample opportunities to speak under differing circumstances. It’s all stage time.


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