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What are some useful tips for enhancing one's public speaking voice?

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I believe one of the first thing you should do is start recording your voice via a digital audio recorder or digital video recorder that also records audio.

Many speakers have a problem when they first hear a recording of their voice. They believe the voice on the recording couldn’t possibly be theirs. Yet it is.

When we speak, we hear our voice as it is being filtered by our ears and the bones in our head.

When we hear the recording, the sound of our voice is unfiltered. It is as others hear our voice.

So the first tip is to get used to your voice. Then analyze it. Do you speak too fast… too slow?

Do you enunciate your words clearly? Are you easy to understand? Do you understand what you are saying?

How is your pace, rate, flow, volume, etc.?

Another step would be to speak as often as you can. As suggested, joining a Toastmasters club can give you lots of opportunity to speak as well as valuable feedback.

I would also suggest speaking in different sizes of rooms. There is skill involved in projecting your voice to the back of the room. There is also skill involved in using a mic and a sound amplification system.

Depending on the nature of the speech or presentation you are giving, there may be value in getting feedback from your audience as you are delivering. “Can everyone hear me?” “Am I speaking too fast?”

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