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How important is public speaking in professional life?

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My short answer is that being skilled in public speaking is the difference between a professional that has lots of ideas, that nobody gets to hear about and a professional that becomes a thought leader who is sought after to hear what they have to say.

A big part of being a professional is being able to share your ideas with others and persuade them to take action, based on your suggestions. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, they share common characteristics. One of the basic tenets of being a professional is giving back to the profession by adding to its body of knowledge or sharing one’s experience with others.

Sharing ideas can be done in written form but it is oratory i.e. public speaking that appeals and persuades the masses. The same thing applies to politicians at any level of government. When they are running for office they may send us some written material but it is there public speaking that gets them elected … or perhaps not!

In my early adult years, I was a professional Registered Nurse. I got involved with my local professional organization. It was easy to get elected, likely anybody else was too fearful to run for office. What was limiting to me was my fear of public speaking. While I had the desire to be a leader, my leadership skills were rudimentary at that time. My lack of public speaking skills limited my advancement in the organization and in time put limitations on how I was able to perform the role that I did have.

In summary, you can lead a professional life without ever having to speak in public. Countless numbers do. However, being able to speak in public as a professional has a high likelihood of increasing opportunities, the ability to create change and a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

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